Massage Therapy, Now At Aquarius Acupuncture!

Massage Therapy, now at Aquarius Acupuncture!


This September at Aquarius Acupuncture, we will be offering you massage with Jean Rim every Saturday.

Over her 20-year career, Jean, a licensed massage therapist, has been practicing, healing and administering pain management through various techniques. She has attended the Polarity Institute, in Portland, Maine, and graduated from the Swedish Institute in New York City. She has studied with different healers in South Korea and Thailand, as well as those right here in her backyard in New York City. She believes she has been given gifts to help people enjoy a higher quality of life and ease one’s presence on the physical plane.

She performs Swedish, deep tissue and Thai forms of massage, as well as reflexology, cranial sacral massage, pre-post natal massage, and sports massage. But the best thing about a session with Jean is her ability to listen and interpret what a client shares into a session that addresses his or her needs. Each meeting is unique.

Jean is also a visual artist who has shown her work around the world. Jean is magical in all that she does! Check out Jean’s artwork at or follow her on Instagram at @djinirim.

ad47ffcb-3fb8-4013-b3b3-4df4f08a248d.png21130605-bc2a-400c-89ae-30a3f195923c.png30182244-1758-4b09-ae60-6678888956fd.pngPaintings by Jean Rim

Is massage therapy right for you?
Here are three reasons to book a massage with Jean.

1) Massage can flush out toxins and stretch and relax muscles back to their normal length.
2) Massage is a great way to improve circulation and reduce inflammation to fight pain.

3) Massage releases serotonin and dopamine, chemicals in the body that relieve stress and help you relax. When the mind is relaxed, the body can let go—and vice versa!

To make an appointment, log onto and use the “Book Now” button. Payments and gratuities for massage with Jean will be accepted using Venmo or cash.

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